donderdag 15 augustus 2013


Hello dear followers,

I have decided to contiue blogging again. Or starting over. But since this blog is very old and also registred under an old e-mail adress, I am going to start it on a new account.

I haven't gotten up with a name yet, but I am filled with lots of ideas. And so thrilled to start again. Eventhough I have probably lost 75% of my followers haha and I think even a few of them still left will forget to move to my new blog.

BUT I am going to start again. So stay tuned to hear all about my new blog, because when it will be up I will put the link here and hopefully just even a few of you would like to follow me again.

Oh and one question left: would you prefer if I blog in english or dutch? I know most of you guys are from here (the Netherlands), but I just love english. Well, in the end I could always switch it up. But let me know please!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuk! Ik volgde je vroeger al, maar toen heb ik een tijdje niks met blogs gedaan en ben er nu zelf 1 begonnen. Lijkt me leuk als je een nieuwe gaat beginnen, wil het graag horen als je ermee bent begonnen. Engels lijkt me trouwens erg leuk! Liefs,